How To Do A Capoeira Spinning Kick

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Advanced martial artists all have one thing in common: devastating physiques. Here we show you how you 
can get 
the brutal muscular benefits 
of Capoeira and learn to execute The Humming Bird with deadly precision

Step one
Start from a classic cartwheel position (called an “au”). This is a deceptive movement that can be turned into a block or a kick depending on the circumstances. Check how much space you have beforehand. Don’t try this in your lounge.

Step two
Rather than completing the au, keep your eyes 
on your opponent and freeze your front hand. This forces your lead 
leg to kick overhead. Shoot your other leg in the opposite direction, 
so they’re as far apart 
as possible.

Step three
Your legs will act 
as counterweights, 
providing balance. 
Use the motion from your attacking kick to 
get back up gracefully, reversing your cartwheel and returning to the start. Pause for a second to wink at the crowd.

YOU NEED… upper-body strength
It’s basically a kick from a one-handed handstand, relying totally on your shoulders and arms. Prep for it with the Reverse Wall Walk. “It looks advanced but is actually an entry level technique” says Bombril, an instructor at the Capoeira Academy UK.

Do This: The Reverse Wall Walk

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