How To Cool Down After Your Workout?

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What’s the quickest way to cool down?

Who better to ask than Dr Sam Cheuvront, a research physiologist at the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine? He recommends the old standby: a cold shower. Before you cringe, don’t worry – cool water is also effective, Cheuvront says.

You’ll feel better instantly, but your body needs five minutes to cool down internally. Lather up with Sanex Dermo Skin Energy (R35 Clicks). Afterward, towel off and apply Clarins Relaxing Body Balm (R410 Edgars). Non-oily, its made with natural essential oils to sooth, relax and moisturise skin after exercise.

Next, drink a slushie.(Make it by pouring a sports drink over shaved ice.) Australian research reveals that this lowers your core temperature faster than sipping cold water does.