How This Marketing Student Is Finding Creative Ways To Keep Others Fit

"Through training for sports, I fell in love with the process of self-improvement, and challenging oneself mentally through exercise."

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As part of our 3-week Daily Lockdown Challenge, which gave our followers a simple yet effective bodyweight workout to do during lockdown, we asked two of our favourite Instagram fitness personalities to help us create and share the workout videos. One of them is 22-year-old Seb Prentice. In case you haven’t seen the IGTV video yet, here it is:

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The marketing student has dedicated his social media accounts to sharing his progress and exercise tips. He credits his mother as the main motivator for his love of fitness as a youngster. “My mom encouraged me to get involved in various sporting activities such as swimming, athletics, cricket, martial arts, rugby and many more,” he recalls.

“Through training for sports, I fell in love with the process of self-improvement and challenging oneself, mentally, through physical exercise. When I was about 14 years old, I discovered how much I truly loved weight-training and I have not looked back from there.”

Prentice played rugby for Maties Rugby Club (Stellenbosch University) on a high-performance bursary, but also wanted to share his knowledge and passion for fitness. In 2020, he started hosting outdoor group training sessions in Stellies. The people who take part in these sessions are members of what he calls the SprenFit Community.

“It is the handle/name given to my ‘community’ of people who join the outdoor training sessions, which I host every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 06:00 and 16:00 in Jan Marais Park in Stellenbosch. We provide equipment such as yoga mats, dumbbells, barbells, ab rollers, benches etc, which essentially provides a full workout experience in a group environment, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Coetzenberg Mountains.”

Unfortunately, these outdoor sessions had to be put on hold due to the current pandemic and nationwide lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped Prentice from being creative and finding ways to keep fit and share content. One of these methods: TikTok.

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The app that nearly everyone has jumped on since the beginning of lockdown has become a new outlet for Prentice. Apart from the dance videos, TikTok actually has a major fitness scene, which was perfect for him to fit into. His quarantine workouts have racked up views, and his consistent uploads will surely help his page grow. But this is all thanks to how he adjusted to the trending platform.

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“With TikTok, it’s about quick easy-to-consume videos. So I adapt my content by offering a video or clip I’d post on Instagram or Youtube but make a bite-sized version,” he says.

“It’s also very important to have a good piece of audio to go with it. I like to be a bit more humorous on TikTok because it’s generally a younger audience.”

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It isn’t only his content that he has adapted to lockdown but also his training.

“Before lockdown I focused on low reps and very heavy weights. I also included resistance (band and chain work) because I was working on my strength. But during lockdown, I’ve shifted more towards high-reps and bodyweight movements.”

For more Seb Prentice, check out his Instagram and TikTok pages and give him a follow if you like his content. And for more stories on local fitness personalities, click here.


Who are your role models?

My main role model is most definitely my mom. She raised me as a single mother, did everything she could to give me the best possible education and managed to send me to the best school in the country. She is one of the hardest working people I know. She is mentally strong and so emotionally strong, too. There are some people whose habits I try and emulate to a degree. I love people who work hard, so Dwayne Johnson immediately comes to mind. I am also a massive Michael Jordan fan. I definitely can’t leave Arnold [Schwarzenegger] off the list. He managed to transfer his work ethic across so many different spheres of life from bodybuilding to acting to politics, which is inspiring.

Are there any South African fitness pages that you would recommend? and @Zigis_life_ are two pages that I have learnt some interesting fitness and nutrition-related stuff from. They post very regularly and are very engaging so they are often quick to answer questions.

Can you recommend five workout moves that use weights for beginners?

The first beginner exercises I did with weights were: bench press, squat, military press, dumbbell row and dumbbell curls. These should be overseen by someone experienced in the lifts, as if performed incorrectly could lead to some form of injury. Either get a personal trainer or start off with a mentor.

What’s next for you?

In the near future I am looking to go into the corporate environment so I can learn how bigger businesses operate and build some long-term relationships. I have some experience in small business and entrepreneurship, which is where I ultimately will end up, however the importance of learning and stepping out of one’s comfort zone is unparalleled, so I will work for a big company for a few years after I have finished my degree. I will continue training clients during the hours that I am not working. Fitness is ultimately my passion so I will look to combine my experience with entrepreneurship and fitness.

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