How Greg Olsen Stays Tough

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“The guys who thrive in the NFL have a nasty streak: They’re not mean, but they are mentally tough and have a brute will. They’re willing to fight for their positions and their jobs. When you improve, you become tougher and even hungrier to improve more. Take my client Greg Olsen, a Carolina Panthers tight end. He could bench about 325 pounds in his rookie year; this summer he was up to 405. Every Friday at my gym I have trainees identify a weakness and attack it. You can do the same: Pick an exercise you fear and commit to becoming great at it. One common weakness is lack of strength during pullups. The remedy is static holds: Do a pullup but hold the ‘up’ phase, with your chest at the bar, as long as you can. Then return to the starting position. Rest 1 to 2 minutes and repeat up to five times.”