How Exercise Turns You Into a Dog

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Thinking about giving up an hour of couch each day in order to pursue a healthier body through exercise? Perhaps this analogy – Exercise Turns You Into a Dog- will convince you that it’s a great idea.

You’ll Find Yourself Tail-waging Happy
There is no reason to experiment in illegal drugs when you can get all the ‘high’ you need while exercising. Your body releases two different mood modifying chemicals when you push past your exercise comfort level namely endorphins and anandamide – which is similar to THC an active ingredient in Marijuana. Once the the high hits, you’ll end up feeling calm and comfortable and possibly euphoric.

You’ll Become Friskier
Not only will exercise increase your confidence in your body, it also increases your T levels by up to 15 percent, according to a recent study making you more – well manly. One of testosterone’s functions is thought to be regulating your sex drive. Although the long term effects of exercise on testosterone cannot be definitively proven, exercise can only help. Don’t forget the difficult to quantify psychological effect either. Hitting the gym on the regular is bound to increase your self confidence in all aspects of your life.

You’ll Bounce Off the Walls And Jump On Couches
It may seem counter-intuitive that expending more energy will give you more energy. A 2008 University of Georgia study found that inactive people can decrease their fatigue level by 65 percent by doing regular low intensity exercise. So while sitting on your couch watching episode after episode of series will hardly recharge your brain, and hour a day of exercise will likely boost your energy levels.

You’ll Sleep Like A Puppy 
If you’re getting 150 minutes of exercise a week you’ll find improve your sleep by 65 percent, according to a study published in the Journal of Mental Health and Physical Activity. “Increasingly, the scientific evidence is encouraging as regular physical activity may serve as a non-pharmaceutical alternative to improve sleep,” according to Brad Cardinal – one of the authors of the study.


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