How Do I Build Bigger Triceps?

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How can I build cut triceps like the guys on your cover have?

The key to looking cover-cut isn’t Photoshop – it’s fat blasting. “Your muscles can never be defined if they’re covered in a layer of blubber,” says Mike Robertson, co-owner of IFAST gym in the US. “Focus on reducing your body fat to around 10%.” Then grow your tris with the close-grip barbell bench press. “You can use a heavy weight, which provides a lot of stimulus to the muscle,” Robertson says. “And using the close grip targets your triceps.”

Grab a barbell and lie on a bench. Using a shoulder-width, overhand grip, hold the barbell above your sternum with your arms straight. Lower the bar to your chest and push it back up. Do three sets, increasing the load every set. Do eight reps the first set, six reps the second set, and four reps the third set.

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