Housework Ain’t Working It Off

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If you think pushing around your lawn mower once a week is going to cut off the necessary pounds, you’re wrong. Doing daily activities such as gardening and housework might not count toward the recommended 150 minute goal of moderate intensity activity, suggests a new study. It appears that the more domestic physical activity some people do, the lower their likelihood of being lean, according to the study. Doesn’t make sense? Here’s why: this could be because less lean people may perceive domestic physical activity to be more strenuous than leaner people. They may also be overestimating the intensity or duration of the activity or overeat to compensate for lost energy. Point is: if you think doing household chores is going to cut off unwanted body fat or magically mould you into the hulk, it’s just not enough. Here are some easy ways to Build The Ultimate Home Gym if you’re not one for sweating it out in the gym.

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