Honey Speeds The Healing Of Canker Sores

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Aphthous ulcerations known as canker sores are a very common mucosal disorder that dentists encounter on a daily basis. There is no curative treatment and the best way to treat them is to avoid local traumatic precipitants and to suppress the local immune response that can lessen the pain and duration of the canker sore. This also helps prevent secondary infections.

A new study undergone in Saudi had researchers randomly assign 94 people with 180 minor recurring canker sores to either be treated with honey, a topical corticosteroid or Orabse – an OTC treatment with a pain reliever. This was so they could test and clinically see the efficiency of honey as a topical treatment.

Patients were not aware of which treatment they had been and used the treatment by applying it four times a day for five days. Certain parameters such as ulcer size, pain scale, and the degree of erythema and healing were recorded first before the trial could begin and after.

From the results it was found that there were improvements in ulcer size, days of pain, and redness similar for all three treatments. But there was a statistically significant difference between the honey patients and the other two groups in terms of the reduction in ulcer size, days of pain, and degree of erythema. It was concluded that honey is an effective and very safe treatment for canker sores.

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