Hipsters Have Not Ruined Everything

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With hipsters having to take the blame for many things that non-hipsters think they have ruined.

We decided to look at some of these much-loved activities, avatars and food; such as beer, James Bond, exercise and breakfast to see whether they have really ruined or improved some of these adored past-times.

James Bond

Who does not want to be James Bond, the guy who has everything, right? I mean the car, suit, drink and the girl; whilst being a super-spy. The new Bond film, Spectre is the longest Bond movie yet; which probably means it will be bigger and better.

However some have commented on Q’s make-over by saying it’s not cool, as Ben Whishaw’s Q will be fitted in sports thrift store knitwear and geek-chic specs; saying he looks like a hipster.

We say he kind-of looks cool, bad-ass and dangerous but still freakishly good with the inventions of cool spy gadgets.


Let’s set the record straight once and for all. Hipsters did not ruin exercise, if you’re looking for someone to blame. Find a jock and ask him why they felt that running was not sufficient enough; that they had to introduce trail runs or ultra-marathons which are monitored on a try-hard app.


On the fence with this one as yes facial fuzz used to be for rugged outdoors men like lumberjacks, school teachers and tortured poets. Now men have taken to grooming, preening and manscapping of these beards.

It’s just a more tamed version of the rugged look and women dig it.


The beloved morning meal that consists of toast, cereal (Weet-Bix or Jungle Oats) or something fried; preferably scrambled egg, bacon or sausage.

We believe that hipsters did not ruin breakfast they improved it if anything. How?

The fact that you can order scrambled eggs and bacon at 8pm or am with no questions asked or side glances being passed.


The go-to drink for any man as Urban Dictionary put it perfectly “The reason I get up in the morning and the reason I pass out at night”; which is probably the sentiment that most men share. However there were fears that beer snobs or hipsters would come and ruin beer, especially craft beer.

As many are under the impression ‘those hipsters’ invented craft beers but the jury is still out on that one.

However if they did, then we should be lifting our beer bottles in salute for the tasty Copper, Cloudy and Pale Ale’s.

But let’s be fair and say that if there is one thing that hipsters ruined, it’s definitely festivals. Festivals were once a playground where you could lose yourself, by that I mean your clothes, sanity and inhibitions.

Now festivals could be called a hipster endurance event, you have to dress a certain way (like you’re on stage), eat at the most “real” street food stalls and catch the perfect snap to post on social media with a hipster hashtag.

Alice Paulse

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