High Protein Diets: Meat Or Veg?

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High protein diets have been associated with better appetite control. Most studies have focused however on meat-based diets and there has been major concern that these diets have negative results in gut microbiome changes. They can be seen to increase hazardous metabolites and decrease the levels of cancer-protective metabolites. Researchers with the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have investigated the effects of a vegetarian high protein diet and if it was also associated with good appetite control. This may have the potential to assist with weight loss whilst at the same time maintain gut health. The study looked at 20 obese men who followed High Protein diets, both meat-based and vegetarian, for two weeks at a time. The study found that there was no significant differences in appetite control and weight loss between the two diets. They were the able to conclude that a vegetarian high protein diet is as effective as a meat-based one, even better if you take into account gut health. Larger studies are still needed however to fully examine the extent of vegetarian high protein diets and its affects.

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