Give Fat The Cold Shoulder

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As warmer weather approaches and most people are hitting the gym hard, or at least trying to hit the gym and get that body beach ready.

With some trying every workout there is to ensure that they look good, yet what works for one person does not work for everyone.

Now this has nothing to do with you ignoring someone until you feel that you’re lost enough weight. A NASA scientist invented, The Cold Shoulder, which is probably the easiest and laziest way to lose weight.

Studies have shown that cold temperatures accelerate weight loss, so you might want to turn that thermostat down.

A vest that chills your body into burning calories, “that cold temperatures trigger the fuel-efficient, fat-burning brown fat, which is the ‘good fat ‘in our bodies”, as former NASA scientist, Dr. Wayne Hayes looked at the effects that mild cold exposure has on caloric burn, which resulted in him coming up with this invention.

Hayes started a Kickstarter campaign, last year and hoped to raise enough money to bring his idea to fruition, at the end of the campaign he has raised as much as $281,319; and put the naysayer’s to rest.

He created a Cold Shoulder testimonial website to showcase how effective his invention is at giving calories the cold shoulder.

How does this Cold Shoulder work?

Well, the ice is draped over the shoulders and the back, which is the most comfortable place to put the ice, according to Hayes; as that is where your skin has the fewest number of nerve endings.

According to Medical Daily, “the vest is designed to go into the freezer and should be worn over a layer of clothing, like a T-shirt, to protect your skin from the cold.”

It should be worn twice a day for 60-90 minutes at a time.

However, do keep in mind that the tests took place in controlled environments but it would be great to see how effective the Cold Shoulder vest is in a non-controlled environment.

Hayes says that everyone from the gym rat to the couch potato could make use of this device; when you are in the gym to keep you cool, after a workout, to relieve aches and pains or to sleep better at night.

Would you give fat the Cold Shoulder by wearing this vest?

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Alice Paulse