Get SUP Muscle

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Want SUP muscle?

Perform the exercises without stopping. Rest for three minutes and repeat. Rest again before a final run-through. Like bad luck, pain comes in threes.

• 30 squats on a Bosu ball
• Skip for two minutes
• High-rep alternate dumbbell curls on Bosu
• Skip for two minutes
• Dumbbell lunges on Bosu
• Squat hold on Bosu (30 seconds)
• One-legged static hold on Bosu (30 seconds each leg)
• Skip for 30 seconds
• Perfect-form push-ups with feet on Bosu x 20
• Skip for 30 seconds
• 20 medicine ball slams (5kg)
• Underhand or overhand chin-ups to failure
• Triceps dips with feet on Bosu x12
• Skip for 30 seconds
• Upright row on Bosu
• Skip for 30 seconds
• Any battle ropes, move to exhaustion

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