Get Ready For An Armageddon: Survival Dash #2

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Running across 6 km’s of terrain. Piece of cake. Well it could be, unless you’re the piece of cake – about to be eaten by terrifying zombies. It won’t be hallucinations from watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead. The zombie apocalypse is looming. Come Saturday 16 November, and the Owl River at the River Estate in Lanseria will be zombified – literally. This year marks the second running of the Survival Dash, which will see contestants trek through 6 km’s of terrain replete with blood-thirsty zombies, hardcore obstacles and South African wildlife – all of which may be zombified.

The situation: It’s a terrifying-cataclysmic-catastrophic-apocalyptic mess in Jozi. You’re part of a lethal South African tribe and zombies are chasing after your blood.

How it works: Survivors receive three life flags which they have to guard with their life.

Your mission: To survive. Make your way to the safety zone in the fastest possible time and trek through zombie land without getting bitten, and with at least one extant life flag.

Your reward: The fastest survivor will win a cash prize of R5 000.

Your options: 1. You’re a survivor. R265 for a pass to run the course. Extra 40 bucks gets you a SA Seeding Race tag which allows you to track your performance throughout the race. 2. You’re a blood-thirsty zombie. R100 gets you a costume.

Get ready
If you decide to be one of the walking dead, try our Look Like Hell on Halloween tips for some inspiration. For those who choose to be survivors, prep yourself with the The Men’s Health Guide To Running Faster.

Starts 07:30 at the Owl River, River Estate in Lanseria. Tickets available from Eventry.

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