Get Protection With Potato Salad

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A lot of red meat consumption has been shown to increase the risks of developing colon cancer. A New Scientist study suggest that the next time you fire up the braai don’t forget to have potato salad as a main side dish as it could be your saving grace in countering the effects of all the red meat sizzling on the grill.

Butyrylated resistant starch is produced by resistant starch fermentation and has been suggested to have a protective effect by raising levels of a chemical that reduces the associated DNA damage that red meat contributes to.

The study involved 23 healthy volunteers who were put on a high red-meat diet for four weeks. They then gave the volunteers the same diet supplemented with butyrylated resistant starch, which is found in cooked potatoes that have been left to cool as well as in bananas.

The researchers examined cell samples of the volunteers’ guts and the results they found was that with an inclusion of the starch it reduced the number of micro RNA molecules that is linked with the survival and growth of colorectal cancer cells.

Red meat is always good in small amounts and by incorporating such starch resistant and fibre products into your diet can moderate the effects of the red meat.

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