#FollowFriday – The High Flyer, The Food Boss, The Purist And More

Give these guys a follow and let your insta feed fuel your fitness

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There’s no reason why your social media shouldn’t motivate you to have a healthier life. We’ve found a handful of fitfluencers that you need to follow for both an entertaining and inspiring timeline. And what makes it better is that they’re all local, so you’re practically neighbours. Check them out…

The High Flyer – Kenji Murapa

Kundai Murapa aka Kenji (@kenjimurapa) is a certified parkour trainer and stuntman. He is also the director of Sabotage Elite, an initiative that aims to bring together the freerunning community of South Africa as well as offer parkour training for those interested. We’ve featured his training plan in our magazine, and we’re big fans of his digital work too.

Reasons To Follow: A behind-the-scenes look at a local stuntman (and parkour pro) doing incredible feats as well as workout posts on a regular basis. Offers plenty of motivation to ditch the couch and go outside.

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The Food Boss – David Cross

David Cross (@the_foodboss) is a powerlifting and strength coach who consistently shows his weightlifting technique, and fitness progress as well as meals (lots of it, actually). His website offers online coaching, personal training, nutrition planning and consultation. He’s one of our favourite coaches, and he’s featured in our magazine a number of times.

Reasons to follow: Daily posts, well-tracked progress, and he often includes his clients and their achievements – including his daughter, making him an inspiration for dads everywhere.

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The Sweat Enthusiast – Stirling Shaw

A pro boxer, fitness trainer and motivator, Stirling Shaw (@stirlinggshaw) is a must-follow. He’s the owner of Sweat Garage By Shaw, a high performance and functional fitness facility where he gives innovative and effective workout routines. He’s also done a fantastic video workout for us.

Reasons to follow: Gives you a different take on your usual workout at the gym. Following him allows you to combine imagination and fitness, which will prevent you from getting bored of repetitive daily routines.

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The Purist – Joshua Capazorio

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Joshua Capazorio (joshua_105) is a strength and conditioning specialist, online coach and one of South Africa’s top powerlifters. If it’s pure strength motivation and tips you’re looking for, He’s your guy.

Reasons to follow: He never stops lifting, bro. He shows his powerlifting technique along with useful advice throughout his feed.

The Prince – Enoch Mseleni

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Enoch Mseleni (@prince_enno) is a fitness and sports model as well as a celebrity fitness trainer. He was a finalist for the Men’s Health Cover Guy back in 2016. He continues to improve himself and inspire his followers on social media.

Reasons to follow: Everything fitness. Whether it be gym pics, outdoor workouts, motivational quotes or athletic apparel, this guy has it covered.


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