#FollowFriday – Peter Sagan, Rory McIlroy And More Unexpected Fitness Beasts For You To Follow

Whoever says golfers aren't athletes are going to have to eat their words.

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Some sports are less physical than others – but that doesn’t mean the athletes don’t have intense workout routines and an endless dedication to staying fit. This week’s #FollowFriday include sportsmen you wouldn’t expect to be fitness fanatics, but are.

Peter Sagan – Cyclist

Core training session with some stretching as well… Filmed with @gopro

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Peter Sagan is a professional road cyclist from Slovakia. The “Tourminator” has 104 professional wins to his name which includes three world championships and five Tour de France green jerseys.

And it’s not hard to see why, the 28-year-old’s a monster when it comes to fitness. You may expect a guy who wins races on a bike to be peddling all day at the gym, but Sagan shows that there’s more to it in this training session.

Daniel Ricciardo – F1 Racer

With 28 podium finishes and seven race wins, Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo is living the fast life. But that doesn’t mean he sits and plays Forza between races. His Instagram emphasizes how important fitness is to him and to his career.

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Steven Langton – Bobsledder

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Steven Langton is a competitive bobsledder for team USA who has two Olympic gold medals in his cabinet. Bobsledding requires both lower and upper body strength, even though it doesn’t look like the most physical event. Langton shows that he can leap higher than those who jump to conclusions.

Louie Vito – Snowboarder

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An Olympian and Winter X Games champion, Louie Vito is a major influence in the world of winter sports. Even though his events take place out in the cold, the 30-year-old is persistent in sweating it out in the gym.

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Ryan Sheckler – Skateboarder

Keep challenging yourself daily! Make your body be prepared for anything!

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Skinny jeans, sneakers, some sort of hat/beanie, long sleeve printed t-shirt and a board with wheels at the bottom – pretty much your average skater, right? Not Ryan Sheckler. The skateboarder has been on the scene since he was seven years old, and has become one of the most influential skateboarders in the world. He works out daily to make sure he’s in top shape for when he gets on the board.

Rory McIlroy

Evening lifting session with my new @niketraining #metcon shoes

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Whoever says golfers aren’t athletes is going to have to eat their words and drink a protein shake after seeing Rory McIlroy’s lifting session. The champion golfer stays in shape by hitting the gym as often as he can, and it’s definitely helping his swing on the greens.

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