Fitness Lessons From A Circus Performer

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While most of us aim for an hour of exercise a day, Martin Alvez needs to train for 6. Stop clowning about and use these fitness lessons from a circus performer.

If your job involved balancing on someone else’s head or hanging upside down from a strap, you’d also have to be pretty dedicated. Alvez is currently performing at Madame Zingara’s After Forever Tour at Monte Casino.

Check out one of Alvez’s full body routines. Think You can keep up?

Push ups:
Arms close to the body (triceps push ups) x10
Arms wide (pec push ups) x10
Arms wide, keep one arm in extension and flex the other arm without changing your body position, keep your hip aligned x10

Pull ups:
Arms shoulders apart x10
Arms wide x10

Leg lifts:
Hanging on a bar lift the legs up until touch it or as high you can x15


Back Exercise on the floor:
Laying on the floor on your stomach lift only the legs x10
Lift only the upper body x10
Lift legs and upper body x10

Hold the position with elbows on the floor for 1min

Mountain climbing:
30 sec

Hold a Handstand on a wall:
30 sec to 1 min

Jump onto a bench/box:

Lunges alternating legs:

Do all the exercises at least 2-3 times resting for 3 minutes in between sets.

– Leigh Schaller

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