Thrust Your Way To A Stronger, Faster & More Injury-Resistant Body

Kirsten Curtis |

The barbell hip thrust is the ultimate glute builder. Do it and you’ll have a bigger engine to make your body stronger, faster and more injury-resistant

Yes, It Works!
Here’s The Proof:
When people in a New Zealand study did four sets of six to 12 hip thrusts twice a week, here’s what they gained in six weeks.
– 5kg on their front squat
– 50kg on their hip thrust
– 2 cm on their vertical jump
– 1.4kg muscle on their frame


1. Relax your shoulders – don’t shrug them.
2. The bar should be positioned in the crease of your hips.
3. Focus on moving the weight with your glutes, not your lower back.
4. The edge of the bench should be at about the middle of your upper back.


1. Gaze forward throughout the move; this puts your back in a safer position.
2. Your torso, hips, and upper legs should be flat and parallel to the floor.
3. Contract your glutes as hard as you can.
4. Keep your feet flat on the floor.
5. Your shins should be vertical.

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