Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight…#TeamFrank Week 2

Kirsten Curtis |

To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of inspirational quotes on social media. The clichéd bold type in all caps over an orange sunset informing you to ‘Keep calm and carry on’. Annoying. I think there’s a fine line between inspiration and common sense.

Admittedly I came across one the other day which did resonate. Given the #MHTeamFit #100DaysToMuscle challenge, I found it particularly impactful. It’s an old Japanese proverb (apparently), and it reads as such: “Fall down seven times, get up eight”. That’s what I’ve now got engraved in the back of my mind during training – and not only during medicine ball burpess. I will not be conquered, I will be the conqueror.

Into the second week of the challenge, and I’m not ashamed to say it – my body can feel that it has been put through the wringer. But you know what? I love it.

Getting up early is still a slight challenge, sure, and I do consider Tuesday and Thursday my ‘sleep in’ mornings when my alarm is set for a much friendlier 06:45. But I tell you, words fail to describe what I’m feeling on training days when I walk out the Institute doors around 07:45 and make my way to the train station. Let’s just say the endorphins and serotonin be flowing.

Here’s what my ‘fitness captain’ Rodet (@rodet_yila) had in store for Week 2:
Monday (Day 1):

Warm-up – 2 x 2 mins cardio & dynamic stretches with lift prep.

Primary Lifts –  Deadlifts (5 x 3) superset with Push press (5 x 4)

Metcon – Battle ropes: alternating slams, simultaneous slams, “X” slams, Burpee slams / Medicine ball (MB): Russian twists, slams, iso-crunch, Burpees (60:90 secs work:rest ratio)

Finisher – Partner 1: Overhead-plate step-ups / Partner 2: Resisted running (x2)

Cool-down – static stretches

Wednesday (Day 2):

Warm-up – 2 x 2 mins cardio & dynamic stretches with lift prep.

Primary Lifts – Back squats (6 x 3) superset with Split squats (6 x 3/leg)

Metcon – Push: push-ups, wall-ball, floor press, iso-lunge with press / Pull: inverted rows, high pulls, KB snatch, (assisted) pull-ups (60:30 secs work:rest ratio)

Finisher – Medicine ball prowler (15 m) / Overhead walking lunges (15 m) (x3)

Cool-down – static stretches

Friday (Day 3):

Warm-up – 2 x 2 mins cardio & dynamic stretches with lift prep.

Primary Lifts – Bench press (5 x 5) superset with Hang power cleans (5 x 3)

Metcon – Burpee MB clean / Cycle, run, row ergo. / Overhead walking lunges (plate) / Cycle, run, row ergo. / Tyre flips / Cycle, run, row ergo. (2 x 90:60 secs work:rest ratio)

Finisher – Partner 1: Farmer’s walk / Partner 2: Plank

Cool-down – static stretches

Once again, feel free to follow the workout and keep track of your progress! Take snaps, tag me and we’ll reach the finish line together, as conquerors!


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