EFC Worldwide

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The Extreme Fighting Championship – EFC – has always traded under EFC Africa since its inception in 2009. They only used to sign athletes who were born in or fighting out of Africa. Since the huge growth and following of the sport, which has conquered the continent they have recently announced that the world leading MMA organization is expanding worldwide and should now feature fights with top MMA fighters from across the globe. EFC has created a stable of over 120 of the best MMA fighters competing in the EFC Hexagon in seven different weight classes.

“We have global television broadcast deals on every continent. EFC is already shown in over 110 countries,” said EFC President Cairo Howarth. “EFC has signed and built up the best African MMA athletes to be household names and to be competitive on a global scale. Now we are excited to be pitting our current stars and champs against MMA stars from the rest of the world in true world championship bouts.”

EFC has gone worldwide, re-launching their website – EFCworldwide.com, Twitter – @EFCworldwide and Facebook platforms. “Due to the high-quality production and level of fights, the demand from TV networks from the US to Asia is constantly growing,” says Howarth.

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