EA Sports To Release FIFA 15, Its Always In The Game!

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Every year all footballing fans and gamers alike eagerly await for EA Sports to release their next FIFA installment. The anticipated hype has come to its bubbling end with the new FIFA 15 being released in just over a week’s time. EA has always brought the wonderful game of football to life over the years and the next installment gets an even bigger upgrade and boasts many new features than before.

Some new standout features include:

Emotional Intelligence – for the first time players have been designed to have memories and will show emotion based on how the match context is going. There are over 600 new emotional reactions and players can now respond accordingly to big moments in the game just as they would in real life. Every single player has their own attitude and feeling towards every teammate or opponent on the pitch.

A player will react to bad tackles, missed chances and crucial goals that extend into the other 21 players natural reactions based on what’s happening on the pitch. Facial expressions and body language has be upgraded impressively and allows you to experience all the emotions and attitudes of your favourite players.

Dynamic Match Presentation – Match Day has never been more dynamic and alive. You will be able to stay immersed in the moments of the action in and around the pitch. This means that the custom behaviours of unique crows will cheer and chant differently based on the club or country playing. Stadiums have a more iconic look and feel of authenticity, each comprising their unique atmospheres you would experience in real life. Even the commentators have been changed to be more reflecting of what’s going on in the match instead of repeating robotic responses. EA have even gone to the extremes of making ball boy animations life like and how the bench reacts more real.

Player Control – FIFA 15 players now move more realistically with better athleticism, improved balance and much closer control with their personal playing styles, giving you greater control over them and their responses in gameplay. It is physically correct contacts that have revolutionized the way you are able to make your player interact with the ball, the environment and with every dribble, touch, pass, tackle, shot and deflection it corresponds to how the balls trajectory, how it moves, spins and swerves all in relation to the players body movements. Making the new FIFA that much better.

Next Gen Goalkeepers – In this new FIFA the keepers have been rewritten entirely with 50 different save animations, a completely improved AI making them more responsive, fluid and intelligent when it comes to shot stopping, quick reactions to gameplay situations and better decision making between the goals. They will adjust faster to situations like if a ball takes a deflection and they have to counter their saving dive. They will be able to read the ball better having been more aware of what’s going on around them. They react better to certain flights, swerves and dips in the ball. They will be better at one-on-one tackling situations too. This doesn’t mean it will be impossible to score as the more fluid and mobile keepers get it allows strikers newer ways of scoring incredible goals, especially nutmegs.

Incredible Visuals – The next generation of football player is here and EA have made the level of details in player’s faces so realistic it has never been done before. But thanks to an all-new physically-based rendering lighting system it has made it possible. Along with that, hair movements, facial reactions and how the kits realistically change from the changing environment like getting muddy in wet rainy weather has been incorporated.

Living Pitch – Even the pitch has come alive in the new FIFA 15 as playing surfaces wear down with boot marks, slide tackles and debris visible on the pitch as the match goes on. Corner flags move appropriately, goal posts shake from being struck and the animated LED ad boards makes you feel like you are there live.

There is so much more to say about the new FIFA 15 with better career modes, team tactics, man-to-man battles, following the real life leagues as they happen and of course being apart of the most popular league in the world, the BPL, makes this new installment not one to miss. It even features more South African clubs and leagues than before thanks to fans votes over the past year. Due to be released in South Africa on the 26th of September 2014 for PS 3, PS 4, Xbox One and PC sporting the world renowned legend that is Lionel Messi on the cover. The wait is over. Get ready for yet another fantastic footballing year with EA Sports and FIFA.

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