Does Weird Gym Equipment Work?

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Does Weird Gym Equipment Work? These oddball items just might be 
the missing pieces to your muscle 
puzzle. “A well-rounded workout requires more than just treadmills, dumbbells, machines and barbells,” says strength coach Lee Boyce. Bring these to the gym and leave with fewer injuries and more strength.

We’re big fans of foam rollers for post-workout recovery. But they’re too large for some muscle knots, says Boyce. Use a smaller ball (like a squash ball) to zero in on wound-up areas like hip flexors and shoulder blades.

“Taping your wrists for support can help you avoid problems when you’re lifting heavy,” says Boyce. Plus, wrapping tape around your hands can improve your grip – minus the mess of chalk. Boyce chooses tape with strong fabric and adhesive that’ll stay on and remain sticky during sweat sessions. (Mueller Sports Tape R70,

These boost blood flow and range of motion, 
says training advisor BJ Gaddour. Double-wrap your elbows or knees for the first set or two. With wrapped elbows, do five to 10 deep push-ups; for knees, do five to 10 deep squats. (Edge Mobility Bands R1 372,

Expand-Your-Hand Bands
These grip strengtheners can help prevent injuries, Boyce says. Squeeze and stretch them between sets of leg exercises. (Expand-Your-Hand Bands R751,

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