Do You Want Cream With That?

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Mintel Oxygen reported that sales of treatments (creams) for the body, hands and feet have undergone a 9% increase in sales over the past two years. Mintel attributes this increase to products formulated for illness-related skin conditions, new packaging innovations, and colder than normal temperatures this past winter. Around 58% of the people surveyed stated to use body lotion, 55% use hand cream and 26% use foot cream.

Body lotions are chosen by their scents with 66% of the people stated by the survey however hand and foot creams were chosen based on the functional benefits they provided – around 66% of the consumers chose such creams and sought them out for intensive healing for dry and cracked skin.

Men were seen to pick out the more easy to apply products such as spray lotions and the elderly, 65 years and above, looked to doctor recommended products. Eczema, psoriasis, and diabetes related skin conditions were the driving forces behind therapeutic formulations. With all the products launched through April 2014 about 73% claimed to be herbal, 46% animal cruelty free, 12% organic and 28% parabens free.

It does seem however that consumers, 73%, are going green and expressed much interest in eco-friendly product characteristics.

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