You Have No Idea How Many Of Your Coworkers Are Masturbating At The Office

Chelsea Geach |

We had no idea this many colleagues were jerking off in the office bathroom.

South African men revealed some very intimate confessions on Radio 702/Cape Talk in a talk about masturbating at the office.

Host Eusebius McKaiser and sex therapist Dr Eve were discussing wanking in the workplace – a thought that made us all deeply uncomfortable shaking hands with our colleagues.

“Research shows that 39 percent of coworkers masturbate at the office,” Dr Eve told listeners.

The stats she referenced come from a survey done by Time Out New York. The surveyed wankers said their reasons for the emergency office jerk-off were boredom, wanting to relieve stress, simple horniness, or wanting to get over a hangover.

Listen to the podcast here:

Steve from Cape Town called in with a work wank confession.

“When you work weekends, and you’ve had a heavy Friday, you get into work and you have to sit there at the computer for a good 6 or 7 hours,” Steve said. “Sometimes you just knock one out and you’re good for Saturday.”

He did say that he was alone at work at the time.

“There’s no one at work on Saturday so it’s just me. I go to the cubicle when I’m done with all the work and boom, it’s out.”


Another caller John said he had just rubbed one out at the office minutes earlier.

“I was feeling sexual urges, horniness, and I though, let me get rid of this and I can focus on work again.”

Mark called in saying he works from home, but that working in an office environment shouldn’t be any different.

“Some people go out and have a cigarette. Some people walk around the block. It’s still private – if it means that you can focus more on your work, if it means you’re not standing outside having a cigarette which is worse for your health, then is it really such a bad thing?”


Sihle from Cape Town said that he masturbates with a group of other guys at the shopping centre where they work.

“We don’t do it alone, we do it before we head off for work,” he said.

Each guy in the group jerks off at a separate urinal in the bathroom. Sihle says there isn’t a spoken agreement between them – he just walked in on the group wank one day and decided to join in.

“I don’t know how it started,” he said. “I walked in one day and I realised something was happening. I thought I might as well join in.”


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