Do NRG Drinks Really Enhance Performance?

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Are energy drink claims a bunch of bull?

A new study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research reports that non-caffeine ingredients in energy drinks don’t enhance your performance. Consumption of energy drinks have also been associated with altered heart functioning. In another study, researchers have also questioned whether Energy Drinks are a Gateway Drug to illegal prescription stimulants.

In this study, cyclists who downed an energy drink consumed as much oxygen and felt just as tired as athletes who drank a beverage that contained the same amount of caffeine but lacked ingredients like taurine or B vitamins. What that means: it’s caffeine alone that elevates your game, says study author Dr Robert Pettitt.

“If you’re looking for an energy boost during day-to-day workouts, anything with roughly 75mg of caffeine will do,” he says. A cup of regular brewed coffee has 95mg.