Don’t Know How ‘High’ You Are?

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So you smoked weed but do not know whether you’re high? Now you can leave that worry up to a new app, that will ‘sing like a Canary’ on your sobriety.

This app is rightfully called the Canary, it uses a series of tests to determine just how inebriated you are.

As THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in marijuana differs immensely depending on the strain, which in turn makes it difficult to determine just how potent the weed you’ve smoked or about to smoke is; equivalent to the apps that can tell how much you’ve had to drink.

You need to establish a baseline first, meaning that you’ll have to go through tests while you’re sober and fully awake; in order to get the best possible results. These tests challenge your attention, balance, memory and time awareness which can all determine your sobriety.

After you’ve consumed your marijuana as you see fit (whether you smoke, eat or drink it, that’s completely up to you.), the first task that you will go through; involves memorizing a series of numbers that are displayed one at a time on the screen.

You then have to say what the numbers were and the order in which they appeared.

Next, your attention span will be tested as graphic symbols will appear on your screen and you are tasked with picking them out of a crowd of random symbols, kind-of like Where’s Waldo At style?

Then your balance will be put to the test and lastly how aware you are when it comes to the passage of time. After you’ve completed the tests, a bright canary will appear with a frown or a smile depending on how well you’ve fared, indicating whether you’ve passed or failed.

There is only thing left to say, the old App Store slogan: “There’s An App For That.’”

Sources: Medical Daily

Alice Paulse