CrossFit Champion Mat Fraser Gives His Advice On Tackling The Games’ Toughest Skills

These tips from the four-time reigning Reebok CrossFit Games champion Mat Fraser will prime you.

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“Welcome to CrossFit, I’m Mat.”

Not sure how to tackle CrossFit’s most badass technical skills? These tips from the four-time reigning Reebok CrossFit Games champion Mat Fraser will prime you.


  • WHAT IS IT? One of the most technically demanding moves in CrossFit (and Olympic weightlifting), the snatch has you lifting a loaded barbell from the ground to overhead, all in one motion. FRASER’S
  • WISDOM: “Keep your arms absolutely straight and locked out through the first part of the lift so all the power from your hips will translate upward.”
  • FRASER’S BEST: 143kg Snatch

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  • WHAT IS IT? An advanced movement, the muscle-up requires that you start hanging from a bar or rings, then pull your entire torso above it, locking your arms out at the top.
  • FRASER’S WISDOM: “Do not try ring muscle-ups until you are very good at pull-ups – strict pull-ups. Learn pull-ups first, then muscle- ups will come.”
  • FRASER’S BEST: Can do 30 muscle-ups in two minutes.


  • WHAT IS IT? The cardio row machine mimics what it’s like to row a boat. A typical CrossFit workout includes rowing a set distance or number of kilojoules.
  • FRASER’S WISDOM: “Start coiled close to the rower, then extend your legs, then your hips, then follow through with your arms. It will feel unnatural.”
  • FRASER’S BEST: Completed the 2018 Marathon Row event in 2:48:36.

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  • WHAT IS IT? The cardio crusher has your feet pedalling and your arms pulling against variable resistance, typically for a set number of calories.
  • FRASER’S WISDOM: “Embrace the pain and just go hard. Keep telling yourself the pain will leave in a little bit, because you’re never on there for long. There is no form.”
  • FRASER’S BEST: One-minute AirBike record: 80 calories.

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