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When he was younger, Hatch avoided the beach because he was conscious of the extra weight he was carrying. Then he started rebuilding his body.

In fact, Tyron invested so much into this body renewal that it ended up leading to his occupation as a personal trainer. Hatch doesn’t preach fitness, he shows it through his own training and inspires his clients to transform their bodies and lifestyles. He’s a walking, breathing billboard that advertises the fact that anyone can turn their life around, one exercise at a time. Here’s some of his training tactics, free of charge.

Vital Statistics

Age: 26
Weight: 88
Body fat: 7%
Job title: Personal trainer and model
Height: 1,86m
Home Town: Durban, now living in Cape Town

Top Tips

1. Train the way you enjoy it the most. “This ensures longevity in the gym. If you are enjoying lifting weights, then keep doing it. Don’t close yourself off from trying new things, but don’t substitute the things you enjoy. Try to find a happy medium between the two.”
2. Try to do cardio on an empty stomach in the morning. “Your body is running on reserve energy stores and it’s the most effective way of burning fat. Be careful not to be too intense with this as you will lose muscle mass. Try keep heart rate around 120 bpm. Then as soon as you’re done get that breakfast in your body!”
3. Make sure you have intense leg workouts. “Even if you’re more of a functional training guy, nothing has more benefits than compound leg movement’s (like dead lifts and squats).”
4. Always remember what muscle group you are training. “Seems like a silly point, but if you are performing a bench press and you are feeling it more in your shoulders or triceps, you need to change the way you’re performing the movement. Ask for some advice. Work on your weak points and you will thrive in your training!”
5. Train for your goals. “Set your goals and then devise a program with those goals in mind. Don’t do bodybuilding training if you’re hoping to be an Olympic sprinter. Keep your goals constant, but don’t allow your training sessions to become routines. Keep your mind fresh by trying new exercises with your goals in mind.”

Fitness Myth

“One of the things I’ve learnt the hard way is that no supplement (no matter how expensive and imported it is) is going to give you bulging muscles and a shredded 6-pack. It still all comes down to eating clean and working hard in the gym. If you could take a wonder pill, then there would be a lot more people with perfect bodies walking around. There’s no quick fix to getting your dream body. It comes down to the sacrifices you are willing to make, and how much you commit to your goals.”

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