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Pitjeng is the perfect example of a someone who makes a plan to train, no matter the circumstances.

He’s serious about his fitness and the fuel that he ingests. Everything he eats and does is geared towards making him fitter, healthier and happier. If he misses his workout session for whatever reason, he makes up for it by doing bodyweight exercises at home (push-ups and other moves). For fun, he hits the tennis courts or plays soccer with mates.

Vital statistics

Tshepo Pitjeng
Age: 28
Weight: 74kg
Body fat:
Job title: Area Channel Manager
Height: 1.86m
Home Town: Diepkloof Soweto

Top tips

Training doesn’t just build muscle. “Working out boosts my energy levels and gives me the confidence to handle anything that comes my way. If I don’t work out for even just one week, my body gets tired easily and I feel less creative. Training makes me feel great, and improves my self-esteem.”

If you’re going to booze, make sure you hydrate. “For those guys who drink alcohol regularly, make sure you drink 500ml of water inbetween rounds.”

Favourite post-workout shake: “Peanut bliss – banana, peanut butter and milk. Provides calcium for your bones and protein for your muscle gain.”

Biggest fitness myth: ”It’s a huge misconception that all supplements will work to your advantage. It all depends on what your goals are, but some of them you’ll take and they wont do anything.”

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