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Previously a telecommunications engineer, Seven wanted more and decided to become a quadruple threat – a writer, dancer, model and personal trainer.

The only limits to his ambition is the number of hours in the day. Seven’s fitness exploits mirror his work aspirations, as he’s willing to try any kind of workout or exercise, but his favourites are basketball, football and thai chi. Seven unwinds by cooking, writing or by going camping. Read on for his fitness formula.

Vital statistics

Tony Seven
Age: 29
Weight: 97kgs
Body fat: 12%
Job title: Model, dancer, writer and personal gym instructor.
Height: 1.9
Home Town: Edo State, Nigeria

Tony’s Tips

Fitness requires more than just physical values. “Living a healthy lifestyle demands that you take care of your body, and feed your mind with positivity. That’s achieved through knowledge of proper nutrition and fitness principles.”

Being healthy is all about good habits. “Drink eight glasses of water every day. Eat lots of protein (chicken breasts, egg whites and nuts) for a lean, powerful physique. Add fibre to your diet to regulate your bowels – I get it from cauliflower and banana. For snacks, swop junk food for nuts.”

Getting fit improves boosts your self-esteem. “Not only will you become better at whatever you do, you will also ensure that you make a good first impression in any social setting. You’ll become more confident, and you inspire others to become fitter and healthier.”

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