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Shaw treats his training like it’s his business partner – it keeps him energised, focused and confident.

The relationship is like a business ledger, the more energy he credits to this training, the more success he debits in the work he does in his nine different companies. When Shaw isn’t running his beach-based empire, he gets in as much outdoor activity as he can: paintball, running, mountain biking and jetskiing are some his exercise outlets. Read on for his workout wisdom.

Vital statistics

Spencer Shaw
Age: 30
Weight: 77kg
Body fat: 6%
Job title: Chief Executive Officer
Height: 182cm
Home Town: Durban

Five food secrets

1. Never go hungry. If you’re feeling peckish in between meals eat something healthy like nuts ,fruit or biltong but never feel you need to starve yourself. I prepare my meals so that I don’t cheat on junk.

2. Eat more whole foods as opposed to protein shakes. Shakes are essential post-workout for fast protein absorption and again at night when you need slow release proteins, but throughout the day stick to solid foods.

3. Eat carbs when you need to. I don’t eat carbs after 12 as I don’t need the energy while sitting at a desk.

4. No bread or pasta. Stick to carbs that are not processed like oats and sweet potato.

5. Make the perfect post-workout meal: mix one cup of oats, two scoops of whey protein and then add cinnamon in a bowl with a little water to make sure it mixes through. Leave it in the fridge overnight and then have it as your post workout meal – it’s the perfect balance of protein and carbs after your session. I live for it every day!

Five training tactics

1. Train early in the morning, get it over and done with for a fresh start to the day.

2. Train every body part once a week.

3. Do weights followed by cardio every day to ensure you’re burning fat as your glycogen stores will be depleted from the weights session.

4. For cardio do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It keeps you fit and burns more fat in less time.

5. Don’t overtrain. Allow your body to recover at least one day during the week.

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