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Marimuthu’s goal of continually becoming fitter and healthier influences everything he does in his work and social time.

He is a health ambassador to his friends, family and work colleagues – a breathing encyclopedia of better living tips and tricks.

Vital statistics

Prinolan Marimuthu
Age: 24
Weight: 85
Body fat: 5%
Job title: Dispatch clerk
Height: 1.87m
Home Town: Merebank,Durban

Top tip

Secrets from the fridge: “Have at least 2 different fruits a day, and have one ‘veggie day’ in the week. Veggies have lots of fibre which is needed for a good digestive tract. Raw eggs and milk is the cheapest and best way too get a high protein intake for gaining lean muscle mass without having to buy expensive supplements. And have one multivitamin daily to replenish your body with all the nutrients it needs.”

Training tactic: “Change your training routine every second month to shock your body and enable new growth!”

Favourite move: “I do squats nearly everyday! It strengthens my core muscles, legs and upper body! It’s the best way to get huge gains in strength, size and all round power, if done with great technique and posture, you’ll also achieve an awesome cardio workout.”

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