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Tennis pro Snyman knows the value of being in good shape.

He spends his days running around the court teaching people from 4 years old to 50. Besides the tennis, his training regime includes cycling, core moves, stretching tactics and lots of time in the weights section of the gym. Even if you aren’t going to make your debut at Wimbledon anytime soon, you can still learn a lot from this ripped instructor.

Vital Statistics

Hendrik Snyman
Age: 24
Weight: 86
Body fat: 8%
Job title: Tennis Instructor
Height: 1.9
Home Town: Upington

Top tips

Snyman’s food formula: “My eating plan consists of Pronutro for breakfast, lean protein for lunch and dinner (fish, skinless chicken and a little lean beef), healthy shakes (protein ones as well as tomato, carrot and fruit shakes) and vitamins and minerals (salmon oil, linoilic acid, vitamin c and d). I believe that by eating fish you’ll certainly live longer and healthier. I don’t snack between meals and I keep unproductive activities like watching TV to a limit. I also steer clear of herbal and other remedies that say they make you slim. If science doesn’t support it then it’s a myth. And I make sure to drink lots of water.”

Favourite workout exercise: “The crunch. I do this with the Bosu Board on the floor. I position myself with my butt on the ball so that I can get a full range of movement when I lean back and when I come up for the crunch. It’s brilliant for building up my core.”