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Out of the top ten, Horne is the man that has cracked the perfect balance between work and play.

He’s a hardworking guy, putting in serious hours in the gym, on the sportsfield and in the boardroom. But he also knows how to get the most out of his downtime. Whether it’s a round of golf, a game of soccer, fishing, wakeboarding or surfing.

Vital statistics

Dale Horne
Age: 27
Weight: 87kg’s
Body fat: 5%
Job title: Director
Height: 187cm
Home Town: Durban

Top tips

Be inspired by others. “One of my best friends (and my personal trainer) passed away just over a year ago. He was the reason for me being where I am today physically and mentally. Two years ago he introduced me to a guy at gym that had been on the previous month’s Men’s Health cover and, after meeting him, I said to my friend, ‘It takes a lot of time, hard work & dedication to get there’. His response to me was, “So what’s the problem, you got time”. He not only encouraged me to live this healthy lifestyle, but also inspired me to believe in myself and achieve my goals.”

It’s not about taking shortcuts. “I have come across many people who fluctuate in weight like the stock market, going from one extreme of starving themselves to the other of eating junk food day after day. Living a healthy lifestyle is not a one, three or six month achievement, but rather a matter of lifestyle maintenance.
Living a healthy lifestyle enables you to have those cheat meals and socialize with friends and family, because at the end of the day, it is a lifestyle and one that should leave you content. It’s not just about spending hours in the gym and eating clean, it’s also about enjoying life outside of a gym.”

Watch your sweet tooth. “Stay away from sugars! Rather go for sugar free or diabetic products if possible. And if you need something sweet, try this egg white strawberry pancake – 8 x egg whites, diabetic strawberry jam and a couple of cut up strawberries. Can’t go wrong!”

Favourite workout exercise: “Any leg moves! Even though it’s often seen as the worst workout for most guys, it’s now my favorite. It’s one of the few workouts where I’m stronger than my ox of a training partner. Other guys often avoid training legs, which results in them becoming top heavy. So, for me, working really hard on my legs gives me a sense of satisfaction and achievement.”

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