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If Chris Hepburn isn’t trail-running in a nearby forest or doing a makeshift boot camp circuit on the mountain, he’s networking to find the next big business break.

Harness some of his energy and his breakthrough training tactics to overhaul your workouts.

Vital statistics

Chris Hepburn
Age: 29
Weight: 95kg’s
Body fat: 8%
Job title: Entrepreneur
Height: 1.93m
Home Town: Cape Town

Top tips

1. Work the muscle, not the weight – rather focus on strict form over moving heavier weights. Always pick a weight that is light enough to allow you to keep strict form, but heavy enough to work the muscle till failure (this excludes those pretty coloured weights covered in rubber).
2. Include at least one day of full body functional training into your regular routine (like Crossfit or the Spartan workout) – this keeps the muscles balanced and your joints mobile. This prevents injuries and stops from looking like Vernon Koekemoer when you walk. It also torches fat if done regularly.
3. Focus on keeping your shoulders back and down for all movements if you struggle with shoulder problems like I do. This prevents you from hyperextending the joint and placing stress on the shoulder, which can lead to instability and injury.
4. Keep the intensity up! I don’t go to gym to socialise, I go there to work. Always have a purpose and a plan and execute it efficiently. I don’t know if it has anything to do with genetics or some weird science I know nothing about, but I tend to find that it’s the guys who like to talk the most at gym that generally have the largest man boobs. Coincidence?
5. Cheat. Your body will adapt to a restricted diet and halt any progress you are making. By cheating from time to time you keep your body anabolic and your metabolism firing.

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