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We’re big advocates of balancing work with the rest of your life. Mias van der Westhuyzen has many excuses at hand if he wants to skip the gym. He’s a third year medical student at Maties, and a professional model – and those are two time-demanding careers. How does he find time
to fit it all in?

Manage your time

“When it comes to working hard and playing hard, my dad takes it to the next level,” says Van der Westhuyzen. “His advice has always been time management; if you can do this
successfully, your day will feel longer and
far more productive – leaving time for the fun things.” This rings true in life and inside the gym. The key is to put the work in and find unique ways to maximise your effort. “I often incorporate cardio into my weight training by adding skipping,” he says. “This is just to increase the intensity of the workout.”

It’s what you put in

Van der Westhuyzen believes that sleep and diet are the two most important factors for a healthy physique. “When I started training the biggest change I had to make was including breakfast in my daily meal plan,” he explains. “I start with a good portion of balanced breakfast cereal like Future Life and then I decrease my meal sizes as the day progresses, but increase the frequency of my eating.” Working off a solid nutritional base and maximising workout intensity is important for a healthy lifestyle, but so is recovery. “Recovery is an extremely important aspect of my fitness regime,” says Van der Westhuyzen. “In my downtime I love braaing with mates, spear fishing, surfing and spending time with the important people in my life.”

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