Consumers Ride The Online Brand Wagon

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More and more consumers have increased their online activity when seeking out information on their passions and interests. Brands are using this platform to engage more frequently with their consumers by offering content suggestive of products unknown to them. This will have a greater likelihood of connecting with customers and eventually drive their choices towards such advertised products.

A June study by Google, TNS, and Ogilvy focused on what influenced consumers’ drive to their purchase choices. About 2500 recent buyers of vehicles, beauty products, and smartphones gave their opinions as to what was the major influential attributes brands offered them for such choices.

Consumers feel the most connection with brands that can offer useful information (73%), speak directly to their passions and interests (70%), and brands that frequently shared news, updates and special offers (63%). The most effective advertising is informative, tells a story, and engages emotions of which YouTube has been at the forefront. It provides a greater “emotional experience of ownership”. 50% of purchases by consumers were influenced by a YouTube video according to the study.

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