This Guy Transformed His Body By Keeping His Workouts Interesting

Changing up his workouts helped him keep his weight at bay.

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Former MH staffer Clinton Jurgens was nowhere close to obese or at risk for disease. But he was unhappy with what his body had become since he left varsity. Like many men, his physical activity dwindled as he aged. “After a couple of years of club football and rugby after high school I called it quits, and that was pretty much that,” says Clinton. His diet did him no favour, either. “I loved all the classics: pasta, burgers, all takeaways… Did I say pasta?”

With a wedding fast approaching, Clinton realised it was time to make a change to his life. The 2011 MH staff challenge was the perfect opportunity. With the help of experts at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, he had eight weeks to design the body of his dreams, while lowering his cholesterol, blood pressure and body fat.

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In two months he lost almost 4% body fat and 5cm from his waist, improved his VO2 max and cut cholesterol. He followed a proper eating plan, included more fruit in his diet, and upped his water intake. With the biggest change being his attitude.

Raising The Bar

The staff challenge ended, but Clinton continued. The more he learned, the more effective his training became. And it paid off. He went from designing MH training articles to being the model for some of them. Guided by Roark Gym head coach and owner James White, he created a workout plan called Beast Mode, using HIIT, plyometrics and strength training. “I got to post it on the MH site; it was exciting that others might try it and experience what I had.”

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To step up his training and keep it interesting, Clinton moved onto calisthenics. “I love muscle-ups, handstands and parallette work. There’s always something to work on.” Calisthenics made him leaner, stronger and fitter, and also left him feeling more energised.

Learn To Adapt

Seven years after he first embarked on his fitness challenge, Clinton is still living an active life. As he’s gotten older, he’s had to tailor his training programme to meet the needs of his body. “I am now mid-30s and do not have the recovery of a 20-year-old. Dropping planche training from my Wednesday sessions made my Friday planche session so much more productive.” He’s also learnt the importance of including flexibility training into his sessions. “With calisthenics it will come back to bite you at some point, as you’ll be restricted from a certain skill move due to lack of mobility.”

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Years of learning and training have left him with the knowledge to keep the weight at bay. He may have moved on from Men’s Health, but his determination to be stay in shape lingers on.

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