Carve Your Abs And Bulletproof Your Hip Flexors All In This One Move

Build speed, coordination, and abs of steel whilst targeting your hip flexors with the lying medicine ball strike. It's that simple.

This variation of the lying medicine ball knee strike is a low-load, high-speed core exercise that works a little bit of everything, including your hip flexors says David Jack, Men’s Health training advisor.

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Jack adds an additional coordination element by making sure you alternate the starting leg for each rep cycle. You’ll get some leg and hip flexor work as your lower body resists the force of each medicine ball strike.

Your arms will see some action too as you reach the medicine ball overhead and strike down explosively, controlling the ball with each impact. Maintaining speed, core strength, and coordination are three important goals for the ageless athlete.

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If you’re indoors and by a wall, you can throw the ball against it with each sit-up to increase coordination and strength demands. Performing this exercise will also get your heart rate pumping, giving you a cardiovascular boost.

Jack suggests performing the exercise for 20 to 30 seconds then resting for 30 seconds. That’s one cycle. Perform 5 total cycles.

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