How Cameron Van Der Burgh Stays In Shape During Retirement

You wouldn’t guess Cameron’s secret to staying in shape.

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Talk show host Dan Nicholl was recently in London, and he paid Olympic champ Cameron van der Burgh a visit. After beating the festive weight gain, Dan sought some advice from arguably the best swimmer in SA history.

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Cameron has embraced his new job in finance at Andurand Capital Management, which focuses on the oil market. And although he’s handed in his goggles, Cameron has kept fitness a top priority – even when in the office.

“If I don’t exercise for at least an hour a day, I kind of drive myself crazy. So, we’re very fortunate in the office to have a wonderful gym here,” he told Dan. “And always around about 3 or 4 O’Clock I knock off for about an hour, do a nice session and then I feel pretty refreshed and full of vigour to carry on working for another hour or two after.”

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And he’s also watched his diet, even with the temptation to eat comfort food in the London cold. “At night in the week we try eat at home, my wife does cook some amazing meals. In the day, we do have Harrods which is right across the road, but you obviously have to also pick and choose to try and not be too over indulgent.”

With the 30-year-old also making use of the office kitchen. “Besides that, we have a lovely kitchen in the office where you can buy things and put together a healthy meal.

“As long as you make sure that you look after your body by eating preferably well over exercising, I think you’ll always still be healthier in general,” he added.

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“The most important thing that I’ve noticed is actually just walking a lot,” he said. “Walking is something that pretty much anyone can do in the sense that you walk to the shop, walk around the block.

“It doesn’t take hours on end, and it’s now part of my daily commute in London. But that walking behaviour really has allowed me to stay in shape in terms of keeping the metabolism going [and] cutting down on the amount of exercise you actually have to do outside of the gym. Just continuously keeping your body moving, keeping your body active, it’s an amazing thing.”

Watch the full interview below:

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