Boost Your Performance

Jason Brown |

You’re Out of Action, Pierre Spies
“As your career develops, you realise that injuries are a part of the game – and setbacks are a part of life. That realisation makes it easier to deal with them when they come along. My faith is what keeps me going, and it helps me to understand that even though I may be injured or in a slump now, things will turn around. If you’re in a rut, surround yourself with positive people. You recover better when you’re positive. It’s like how your body feels sore for a lot longer after you lose a game than after you win. It’s all about your spirit.”

You Can’t Stop Winning, Victor Matfield
“Success is all about creating a culture. You get used to that; used to winning. But you have to work hard as well. When you’re number one, train like you’re number two. With that kind of work comes belief, and once you believe in yourself and you keep working hard, then it’s going to be tough for anybody to stop you.”

You’re Under Fire, Fourie Du Preez
“People think I don’t get flak, but I always feel like I’m being criticised. I think it’s because of the nature of the sport I play – people always have their opinions. I’ve always made sure that I only pay attention to the people that I think know their rugby, rather than reading or listening to people who don’t. Also – and I think this is important – I surround myself with people whose opinions I trust and who know what I’m like as a person. They will let me know if any criticism is justified or not.”

You’re On a Losing Streak, Heinrich Brussow
“It’s important to have something to look forward to. If there’s a tour in the middle of the Super Rugby season and you struggle on the road, at least you know you still have some games at home. Focusing on the positive helps to boost your confidence.”

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