Best Workout For Your Heart

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Your going to push yourself to 
the point of failure at the start 
of your workout when you’re strongest. Complete one set of each exercise in Circuit A with no rests. After the last exercise, rest for 60 sec, then repeat the circuit twice more. Use heavier weights in the final set to maximise 
heart-strengthening potential.

Your Workout Begins Here
This is the healthiest 
45 minutes of exercise you can do. By hitting 
all the major muscle groups,  these three 
circuits – designed 
by fitness coach Olly Foster – will build 
muscle and burn fat while ticking off the 
full complement of life-lengthening benefits.

But First, 
The Warm-Up
Prime your body with 
a 1 000m row. This will protect you from injuries and reduce your chances of arthritis, plus the coordination needed for rowing helps to cut your risk of Alzheimer’s.

1. Lean forward with your arms straight and shins almost vertical. Press with your legs, lean back and pull 
with your arms.

2. Finish the stroke 
with your legs straight, upper arms by your torso and the handle 
at your abdomen.