Best Running Programme

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Running 10-20-30 intervals boosts sports performance and drops cholesterol.

That’s according to a seven-week University of Copenhagen study of 18 moderately trained runners.

It suggests that a training program dubbed “10-20-30 training” is quite an efficient way to both boost running speed and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Each 20-30 minute session consists of a 1-km low intensity warm-up followed by three or four five-minute blocks of running separated by two minute rest periods.

Each five-minute block consists of five intervals of 30 seconds of low, 20 seconds of moderate, and 10 seconds of all-out intensity running.

The runners pared 23 seconds off their 1500m time and almost a minute off their 5K time, and spent only half the time training than they had been spending prior to the program.

Significant reductions in blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, and emotional stress were also noted. Researchers were surprised by the changes in health status as the participants had already been running for several years.

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