Best Breakfast Cereal

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Q: I don’t have much time in the morning. What is the best breakfast cereal to keep me going till lunch?

Choose fibre-rich cereals, such as high-fibre bran, bran flakes and low GI mueslis. Por-ridges such as oats, oatbran and maize meal made with low-fat milk are great options. (Oats and oatbran are rich in soluble fibre and help stabilise blood glucose levels.) If you prefer cold cereal, you need to check the label carefully. Look for less than 1.5g of saturated fats, none or less than 0.1g of trans or hydrogenated fats, less than 20mg cholesterol and more than 3g of fibre (per 100g of cereal). Also make sure you choose one with a low glycaemic index and little or no added sugar.

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