Be Your Own Greatest Rival! #TeamFrank Week 7

Kirsten Curtis |

With halftime around the corner, it’s an opportunity for reflection. It’s a chance to see how far I’ve come, how my body has changed and how my fitness has improved at Sports Science Institute (SSISA). In a word: immensely.

At the risk of sounding like a morning TV fitness show presenter, it really is addictive! I have never felt stronger. Seriously!

Yes it’s the Men’s Health #100DaysToMuscle challenge amongst the staff, but our greatest opponents are ourselves. And not to sound too cheesy, but really are our own biggest rivals. I want to be stronger, fitter, faster than I was at the start of this challenge. I want to be a better version of myself. A goal many may set, but few actually attain.

Luckily, I’ve got the best team in my corner. My trainer Rodet Yila (@rodet_yila) and his fellow professionals at SSISA’s High Performance Centre are there to harvest just that – high performance. Without a moment’s hesitation, I can put my mind at ease knowing these fitness boffins and their RIPT programme will help me reach my peak!

This is what my week in the HPC looked like:

Monday (Day 1):

Warm-up – 2 x 2 mins cardio & dynamic stretches with lift prep.

Primary Lifts –  Box Squats (4 x 6) ss Front Squats (BB only – 4 x 10)

MetCon – Battle ropes: simultaneous slams / alternating slams / circles / Burpees – KB: alternating swings / alternating snatch / stationary lunge with overhead press (x 2 – right and left) (40:20 secs work:rest ratio)

Finisher – MB prowler (20 m) & MB broad jumps (20 m) x 3-5

Cool-down – static stretches

Wednesday (Day 2):

Warm-up – 2 x 2 mins cardio & dynamic stretches with lift prep.

Primary Lifts – BB Floor Press (4 x 6) ss Inclined DB Press (4 x 10)

MetCon – Ring rows / overhead squats / fury rows / glute-ham. bridges / max. effort row ergo. (60:60 secs work:rest ratio x 2) *first 30 secs of rest (plank / SLR / side plank / hollow hold)

Finisher – 10 skips followed by 1 Burpee x 10

Cool-down – static stretches

Friday (Day 3):

Warm-up – 2 x 2 mins cardio & dynamic stretches with lift prep.

Primary Lifts – Partial range deadlifts (4 x 6) ss Band hip-hinge (4 x 10)

MetCon – Ring push-ups / tyre flips / kneeling MB slams / resisted bear crawls / barbell thrusters / prowler pull-push (60:30 secs work:rest ratio)

Finisher – hollow hold / reverse crunch / V-ups / scissor kicks (20 secs) ss mountain climbers / squat jumps / plyo lunges (30 secs)

Cool-down – static stretches


With next week being the official halfway mark in the Challenge, Rodet is going to do some ‘halfway tests’ with me to see how we’re doing so far. Damn I’m keen for that! After all, got to know where you’re at to know where you’re heading.


I’ll let you know how it goes.

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