As If Squatting 183 Kgs Isn’t Strenuous Enough… This Guy Asked A Boxer To Beat Him Up Mid-Squat

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Good thing he has a rock-solid core

The gym can really beat you up. But YouTube and Instagram fitness coach Lewis Ford, a.k.a. The ANF Action Figure, takes “no pain, no gain” to the next level.

In this video, Ford squats 183 kgs while his friend goes Mortal Kombat on his abdomen. Oh, and performs the whole feat with no hands.
Each time he squats, Ford utters a motivational credo—“Keep driving, never give up!”—and takes a kick to the stomach from a guy in highly confusing yellow leotard. Throw in the fact that Ford wears jeans (imagine the chafing) for the entire video, and you have an epic training montage that’s equal parts Rocky IV and Tekken 7.
Then Ford ups the ante, moving to the deadlift and recruiting another heavy-hitting friend to punch him in the gut while the Power Ranger from the squat rack keeps kicking. If this looks ludicrous, it is.

But it also might be effective.

Ohio researchers say that core stability does have an effect on squatting performance, which is why powerlifters like Eric Lilliebridge wear a lifting belt for support when they squat
And many trainers use the “brace your abs as if you’re about to be gut-punched” cue when squatting. This locks down your core and flattens your back, enhancing total-body power and stability and maximizing support for your spine.

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