Are You Ready To Take On The CityROCK Speed Challenge?

How fast can you climb 15 metres?

The CityROCK Speed Challenge powered by Men’s Health, is an open competition to all the average Joes and Janes who want to take on the challenge to see who can climb their way to the top of a dedicated climbing wall, the fastest. The aim of the game is all about how fast you can get to the top on the specially set orange speed route! Log your time through the app to join the leader board and challenge your friends to see who can climb fastest! The MH team put it to the test last week. Reckon you’ve got what it takes to set the time to beat?

If you are new to climbing, complete the climbing introductory course at CityROCK Cape Town or Joburg and receive a free day pass and gear rental to come and try the Speed Challenge!

How it Works
> Clip into the auto belay and place your foot on the foot pad. The blue light on the panel will display if correct pressure is applied.

> Weight your foot, the buzzer will start with three beeps. Start climbing after the 3rd beep. The timing display clock will start. Climb the route to the top and hit the finish pad.

> The display clock will show your time. Log this time on the app under “Log Time” in the format displayed eg. 26.268

Select your relevant category.

> Check the leader board for your overall placement in your category.

> Take a photo of yourself with the display clock using the selfie frame and post on lnstagram with the #cityrockspeed and #menshealthza to go into the lucky draw for exciting prizes.

> You can also video your speed climb by pressing the record button before your climb and remember to press stop after your climb.

The MH team put the Speed Challenge to the test.

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