Alcohol in The Danger Zone

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Drinking at unsafe levels is more common among more wealthy, white males.

Whilst binge-drinking might be cool for your boys weekend or seem like the appropriate thing to do after a break-up, it will be detrimental to your health especially when you start ageing a ‘lil bit.

A new study, published in the BMJ Open, found that over one in five men in the U.K indulge in excessive drinking which could have negative effects on their health.

28,000 people aged 65 and over gave the researcher’s permission to access their health records, ‘’9,248 were identified as the oldest drinkers, and 1,980 (21 percent) of these were found to drink at unsafe levels.”

Men definitely took the cake when it came to excessive alcohol consumption by drinking 21 units per week whilst women came in at 14 units per week; to say simply a pint of beer would be 2.3 units of alcohol while a bottle of wine (720ml) would equal nine units.

Dr. Tony Rao, lead author of the study and lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at Kings College, London said that “As the Baby Boomer generation become seniors, they represent an ever-increasing population of older people drinking at levels that pose a risk to their health.”

Surprised to find out that senior men could drink you under the table? These results could have you gapping. 20 percent of men who drink unsavoury amount of alcohol and 21 percent of older seniors drinking above the recommended safety limit.

With researchers concluding that “The top five percent of heavy-drinking men and women were downing more than 49 units and 23 units per week, respectively.”

Not surprisingly, men were found to drink more excessively than women. Would you be consuming that much alcohol once you hit your senior years? We would like to know.


Sources: Medical Daily