A Costly Cooking Mistake

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Boiling vegetables drains them of nutrients

Scientists cooked broccoli and cauliflower using a variety of methods and then tested each for glucosinolates – plant compounds that may help prevent cancer. While steaming, stir-frying and microwaving had no impact on these chemicals, boiling reduced glucosinolate content by 90 percent. Hot water damages cells in vegetables, allowing the nutrients to leach out.

Unless you’re making soup, don’t boil vegetables – their disease fighting chemicals will leach into the cooking water.

Stealth Health Food:

Peppadew Peppers

This sweet and spicy fruit looks like a cross between a cherry tomato and a red pepper. They are native to Africa. Why they’re healthy One third of a cup of peppadews packs heart-protecting vitamin B6, cancer-fighting lycopene and a day’s worth of vitamin C. Where to find them You can buy them by the jar from most supermarkets. How to prepare them Toss peppadews in a salad with avocado and blue cheese or in a simple pasta with olive oil and garlic. The compact peppers are also perfect for stuffing: for a killer snack or appetiser, try filling them with a hunk of mozzarella or goat’s cheese.