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International society of sports nutrition’s position on energy drinks

The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) reviewed the published literature available on the safety and efficacy of consuming energy drinks (ED) or energy shots (ES) and issued a nine-point position:

1. They contain mostly carbs and caffeine,

2. the possible benefits/detriments of other ingredients are still unknown,

3. consuming ED in the hour prior to exercise may be beneficial,

4. some of the other ingredients used warrant further study,

5. some low-carb products may help exercisers lose weight but high-carb products may have the opposite effect,

6. athletes should consider the pros and cons of consuming high GL carbs and caffeine,

7. children and teens should consider even more carefully,

8. indiscriminate consumption and consumption of multiple doses may be dangerous, and

9. people with health conditions that are especially sensitive to high GL products and/or caffeine should only use the products in recommended by their doctor.

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